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Motorcycle Riding Armor

Motorcycle Riding Armor

Riding armors are a must for protection. Now a day it is getting very riskier to travel via motorbikes without proper safety measures. Riding safety apparel is manufactured keeping in mind the much needed safety and protection for street riders to high town track competitors.


Riding armors include a wide list of protection gears to be worn for enhancing safety factor while reckless and wild ride. A good riding gear must protect you in the most types of unseen accidents.


Motorcycle riding armors include armor for jackets and pants including elbow, shoulder and back armor protectors, motorcycle pants knee sliders, motorcycle back spine protector, and motorcycle knee and shin protectors. These all are various gears for enhancing the protection factor that are must needed while riding.


Riding armor comes is different forms and colors. There are different types of armor certifications. The most famous is CE. This “CE” is a European standard of certification that grades armor on three levels, level 1 being the least protective, level 3 highest in protection. In Europe there are two standards for CE, EN 1621-1:1997 and 1621-2:2003.

There are options available to upgrade the existing armor. Some are made up of foam, memory foam, and hard armor that are made of injection-molded plastic. These armor have the capability of absorbing energy.


Knee and Elbow sliders are also another protection armor made up of made of high impact resistance injection molded Plastic (Co-polymer) that often comes with an inner layer that has high impact foam to absorb impact energy. Elasticized straps are adjustable and are cleverly designed, that they can be tightened or loosened whenever you want to re-positioning the elbow guard or knee sliders. When a biker collapses on a road or any bumpy area, this type of armor actually offer abrasions, scratch and joint protection to the elbows and knees.


Back protection is mostly not followed with much faith. But using back protector is a crucial safety factor which definitely is a must. Usually these armors for back are made up of hard injection-molded plastic and they are durable and easy to use. At www.jackets4bikes.com we have different types of back protectors available for riders because we want you to be fearless to injuries. Just grab best armor upgrades or riding protection from us and ride your way away to ecstasy and adventure.

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